The Manual

The Premise

You are in control of a fledgling beetle nest left you by the Matriarch who died clearing it for you. You can thank her by breeding and raising armies of Beetles to take control of this beautiful abandoned lot. Yes, it’s got inhabitants already, but you’re here to change that.

The lot is divided into areas which must be harvested for the items you need to breed and raise your beetle army. Each area has tasks that need to be undertaken by a beetle of your choosing.  If the beetle is successful, it will earn you resources like food, experience points, goop (genetic currency) beds, etc. Success and failure on these tasks depends on the beetle stats and those are dependent on you, the player and how you breed your beetles. Conquer the Combat Missions (Missions) of each of the 18 areas and you’ll complete the campaign while you earn eggs that contain valuable genetic traits you can add to your gene pool.